Contract Management

Contract Management

  • Lack of internal supporting expertise to support quality core tasks
  • Partner relationships hard to forge/find “qualified teams/subcontractors”
  • Capability to manage growth of business & balancing compliant business systems
  • Erosion of critical skill sets needed to administer & manage contracts
  • Inability to navigate complex processes tied to bottom line (claims/closeout)
  • FAR, DFARS, and CAS
  • Compliant Core Business Systems
  • Contract Administration & Management
  • Teaming & Subcontractor Selection
  • Training
  • Trend & Solution Analysis
  • Scalable Experts Based on Needs of Company
  • Subcontracts & Teaming Agreements
  • Contract Closeout Procedures
  • Contract & Subcontract Administration
  • Contract Claims Preparation & Negotiation
  • Ethics, Procurement, Integrity, TINA & Other Training
  • Project Cost & Variance Analysis
  • Contracting Purchasing System Review Preparation
  • Joint Venture Development

The government’s recent shift towards increased transparency and continued contract oversight requires contractors to reevaluate the business model they use to acquire and maintain contracts.  Now more than ever it takes a more thorough and proactive approach toward Government contract management. All Government contract management functions are required by law to be in full compliance with the FAR, DFARS, CAS, and DCAA audit objectives. The action of government contract management, explained in simple terms is overseeing contracts with federal, state, and local customers and vendors to make sure they are compliant with all regulations.  Government contract management is the management of the full contract lifecycle to include the following:


  1. Request for Proposal (RFP)/Request for Quote (RFQ)
  2. Evaluation of proposals received
  3. Award of a contract to the winning bidder
  4. Implementation of the contract
  5. Modification of the contract terms and agreements when necessary
  6. Management of the progress of the contract
  7. Payment

McNew & Associates is well versed in Government contract management functions. For many contractors, understanding the clauses, terms, and conditions within a Government contract can be a daunting task. The McNew & Associates team uses its extensive knowledge of Government contracts and the related FAR and DFARS clauses to ensure full Government contract management and compliance.

We are your full contracting department. Contractors who utilize all of the McNew & Associates services leverage our DCAA financial management, bid & proposal pricing, Government contract management, and DCAA audit compliance experience to obtain a dynamic contracting experience. Why devote time and resources hiring, managing, and incurring overhead on accounting, pricing, and contracts personnel when McNew & Associates has the professionals you need, all in one location? Let McNew & Associates be your contracts department.

Expanding your business into the federal marketplace can be lucrative, and provide numerous networking and growth opportunities. But be warned: Winning a federal contract also means complying with laws and regulations unique to those doing business with the government. Many new contractors, especially small businesses, are unprepared for the rules and regulations they must follow, which can lead to costly errors and potential legal problems.

The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) is a substantial and complex set of rules governing the federal government’s purchasing process. Its purpose is to ensure purchasing procedures are standard and consistent, and conducted in a fair and impartial manner. So whether you are a small business owner or the contracting official, it is important to understand FAR. There are many costly pitfalls if you don’t take the time to understand the provisions in your contract, which often reference areas of the FAR. The Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) is the post award contract administration and management arm of DoD, while other agencies have internal contract administration and auditing functions. In all cases, the government will require compliant contracting processes to ensure they have the reasonable assurance the information they are receiving from contractors, including proposals, pricing, and other FAR related information can be relied upon. Reviewing a company’s established and supportable contracting processes for your company is the way the government achieves this assurance.

Contracting Compliance involves many facets of the contracting, subcontracting, and purchasing process. McNew & Associates can provide guidance and support with regard to the following:

  1. Contracting Purchasing System Review Preparation
  2. Subcontracts & Teaming Agreements
  3. Contract Closeout Procedures
  4. Contract & Subcontract Administration
  5. Contract Claims Preparation & Negotiation
  6. Project Cost & Variance Analysis
  7. Joint Venture Development
  8. Ethics, Procurement Integrity, TINA, and Other Training

Consulting Note: We offer consulting services to any interested customer regardless of whether they are a monthly client or not.

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