DCAA Compliance


DCAA Compliance

Government Contract Compliance spans the entire acquisition lifecycle starting from Business Development all the way until Contract Closeout.  The compliance regulations involved throughout the whole process include pricing, estimating, accounting, contracting, purchasing, and post award administration efforts.  These compliance requirements are further influenced by outside forces such as Growth Opportunities, Changing Regulations, and Competitors. The flowchart scene below provides companies a pictorial representation of the compliance requirements they need to be aware of in doing business as a government contractor.

Have you ever had that moment when an auditor from the Defense Contract Audit Agency calls and says that they have been asked to perform an audit of your price proposal or your accounting system? I am willing to bet your first thought when you hung up the phone was, “Oh &%*#!”


A DCAA audit is no cupcake to handle lightly either and can leave the most seasoned of contractors anxious and intimidated.  Unfortunately, this is the response many new Government contractors have in that initial contact with DCAA.  Much of this anxiety is generated by miscommunications between contractor and auditor.  More often than not, the words and phrases DCAA auditors use get lost in translation leading to major confusion on the contractor side.  McNew & Associates draws upon its vast DCAA compliance experience to eliminate these issues by providing a translation of the DCAA audit requirements.  Having been on the other side of that phone call as former DCAA auditors and Contracts Managers, The McNew & Associates team understands the DCAA auditor mindset and the DCAA audit objectives. We have a full understanding of all DCAA audits, as well as the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), the Defense FAR Supplement (DFARS), and Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) by which any DCAA audit is meant to comply with. No longer do you need to conduct business directly with the DCAA. We are your interface with DCAA, and we will ensure a smooth audit experience each and every time.

  • Erosion of skill sets to support complex audit & compliance functions
  • Capability to manage growth of business & balancing compliant bus systems
  • Complex regulations, policy, and guidance is hard to interpret & apply to contract
  • Intricate requirement for sound joint venture agreements
  • Convoluted requirements to set-up & support integrated business systems
  • Depth of Knowledge in FAR, DFARS, and CAS
  • Auditing Experts
  • Compliant Core Business Systems
  • Contract Administration & Management
  • Training
  • Trend & Solution Analysis
  • Scalable Experts Based on Needs of Company
  • DCAA Audit Support & Interface
  • FAR, DFARS, & CAS Interpretation & Guidance
  • Business Systems Setup & Compliance Reviews
  • Joint Venture Business Services Integration

DCAA Audit Compliance encompasses many different tasks. McNew & Associates provides guidance with regard to the following:


  1. DCAA Audit Support
  2. DCAA Mock Audits
  3. Internal Control Implementation
  4. Cost Accounting Theory Application
  5. Indirect Rate Development & Monitoring
  6. Policy & Procedure Development
  7. CAS, FAR & DFARS Guidance and Interpretation
  8. Project/Program Management Analysis Tools
  9. Cost/Price Analysis
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