Government Contracts Consulting


Government Contracts ConsultingToday, government contractors face a variety of unique challenges resulting from the new administration’s focus on transparency, accountability and oversight and the regulatory changes that will soon follow. As a result, the cost and risk of doing business with the government is on the rise at a time when contractors are feeling the impact of increased competition on already thin margins. Now more than ever, contractors need a trusted advisor with solid strategies that maximize cost recovery and profits, while focusing on compliance, in order to keep pace with the rapidly changing regulatory environment. When you find yourself in this situation, it’s time to consider the benefits of using McNew & Associates as your government contracts consulting firm.

Our strategies help ensure that you are maximizing resources so at the end of the day you are maximizing profits.  A strong emphasis on cost recovery allows our professionals to take each contract and ensure you are pursing sound financial practices for your business while still focusing on compliance. Government contracts consulting only becomes more beneficial as new regulations are put in place.  Keeping up with the rapid changes can be an overwhelming and fulltime endeavor.  We make it our business to stay on top of all of the regulatory and compliance changes so you don’t have to. You are getting years of experience when you choose government contracts consulting from McNew & Associates.  Our knowledge covers the entire process from when you create the proposal to compliance help throughout the duration of the contract all the way to follow-up assistance.  We understand that you were hired because of your expertise in a specific industry and that focusing your efforts on compliance and accounting and proposals is not your specialty.  McNew & Associates lets you focus on what you were hired to do.

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