Project Control

Project Control

For a fixed fee per active contract, the government contract consultants at McNew & Associates offers detailed contract summary reporting and budgeting management. Not every contract type requires project control to be compliant.  Some contracts such as Cost Plus Fixed Fee contracts do require project control to be compliant.  Even the contracts that do not require it to be compliant still benefit from the additional analysis and reporting that project control provides.

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Contract Summary (w/ Budgeting)
  • Is the day-to-day active management of project budgeting and cost-control. Our reporting captures budget and cost data in multiple areas including current month, year-to-date, and inception-to-date. Cost data includes revenues, direct costs, and application of indirect rates. This also includes man-hour reporting as well as cost and funding limitations reporting.
  • These reports help hit profit and contract targets. It enables managers to look at their costs and project statuses in one single report enabling them to keep their finger directly on the pulse of each project with minimal time and effort spent.
Contract Mod Processing
  • This is the actual administrative function for updating contract briefing cards and contract invoicing records to handle modifications issued against a contract.
  • Outsourcing to our government contract consultants guarantees meticulous record keeping
WAWF Voucher Submissions
  • Physically submitting vouchers on behalf of our clients in the electronic invoicing system known as Wide Area Work Flow
  • Cost Reimbursement vouchers are prepared directly from our MyJobCost Tool, ensuring consistent, compliant and accurate invoicing
Subcontract Administration
  • Administration and Management of client subcontractors. Managing subcontractor terms and conditions and invoicing processes and logistics. To ensure compliance with subcontract cost and funding ceilings and limitations.
  • This ensures the client can focus on their core competencies while knowing subcontractors are compliant and are being paid according to terms and conditions.
PM Review & Reporting

Project Management Review & Reporting is your monthly project meeting to discuss:


  • Finance – reporting of cost and funding ceilings and total expenditures to date. Project profitability reporting.
  • Contract Mods – Status of any contract document changes.
  • Man-Hour/Contract and Funding Status Reporting – Reporting labor-burn rates and cost and funding limitation status.
  • Other Pertinent Data
  • How our government contract consultants can better serve you
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