The SF 1034 is the standard form for public voucher for purchases and services other than personal for cost reimbursement. Think of this as your invoice to the government but in the government’s format. The SF 1034 is your cover sheet with dates of service and total invoiced amount for the current billing period.

The SF 1035 is the supporting details for the total amount on the SF 1034. The 1035 should include relevant contract costs and funding limits (i.e. total cost ceiling, total fee ceiling, total current funding). This should also include total invoiced amount broken down by relevant direct and indirect cost element. This means direct costs should be broken out by major cost element which typically includes direct labor, travel, material, equipment, subcontractors, and other direct costs. Indirect costs should be broken down identifying each final indirect cost category.  These typically include fringe, overhead, and G&A. These lines should show the indirect rate as identified in your current year Provisional Billing Rate (PBR) agreement followed by the dollar value. Lastly, you will identify the fee percent and the fee amount being charged. All of this is identified for the current period and for the cumulative amounts invoiced (inception to date) for each direct and indirect cost element and fee.

These documents are then submitted to your contracting office but most likely through Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF).

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