What is WAWF (Wide Area Work Flow)?

WAWF is a web-based application that allows Department of Defense vendors to submit and track their invoices, receipts and acceptance documents all electronically.

How does WAWF work?

Contractors complete their invoices and inspection acceptance documents on the WEB or using EDI or FTP.  WAWF notifies the government official automatically of document submission. Once the receipt and acceptance process is complete, payment officials issue payments via appropriate DFAS payment systems using Electronic Funds Transfer.  An electronic folder documents the entire process and is accessible to the contractor and authorized government personnel.

How does WAWF secure the data exchange?

WAWF secures your identity through the use of digital signatures and certificates.  Your system access is controlled through authorized user levels, PKI certificate and passwords.  The online data transmission and storage is protected with encryption. WAWF is governed by the Privacy ACT so it has multiple safeguards and protect PII.

WAWF Training sites:

1.     Web Based training


2.     Classroom training


3.     On-site training for government personnel only

email – ccl-esolutions@dfas.mil

4.     Training guides for vendors.


Please reference www.dfas.mil for more detailed information.

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