What We Do


Finance & Accounting

For a fixed monthly fee, McNew & Associates provides indirect rate tracking and analysis. The level of reporting, as well as the detail of analysis and recommendations, increases with each of the three support levels. Level I is basic indirect rate and financial reporting: we review your monthly transactions and send reports that you analyze. Level II offers more in the way of compliance management and analysis from our DCAA consultants than Level I, but without the robust financial management provided in Level III. Level III is very detailed financial management: we effectively act as your CFO analyzing your reports and offering advice and insight from them.

Bookkeeping & Payroll

In this service, McNew & Associates provides bookkeepers and accountants to manage the data entry and payroll processing for your company. Using these services guarantees that your books will be maintained in a DCAA/DCMA compliant manner from the moment each transaction is entered.

Project Control

McNew & Associates offers detailed contract summary reporting and budgeting management at a fixed fee per active contract. To be compliant, all Cost Plus Fixed Fee contracts require project control. Although other contract types do not require it, they do benefit from the added analysis and reporting.

Contract Compliance

McNew & Associates comes alongside each client on a day-to-day basis to help them through DCAA audits, manage contracts, and properly price each proposal. With former DCAA auditors and contracting officers on staff, McNew & Associates has DCAA consultants with a wealth of knowledge and experience to assist our clients in becoming effective and efficient competitors. These services are offered on an as needed hourly basis.

DCAA Submissions

Yearly fixed price. If you are awarded a contract with the FAR 52.216-7 clause in it, you will be required to submit Provisional Billing Rates and an Incurred Cost Proposal every year.  Our DCAA consultants can help you through the process.

Corporate Training

McNew Professional Services (MPS) provide our clients with a key business advantage. We leverage decades of training expertise to design tailored learning solutions ensuring your team continuously improves their skills to enhance performance by focusing on professional development, leadership training, teambuilding, and customized support.
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